Objectives of Founding WEN

Energy is an important issue which relates to all aspects of our life; politics, economy, environment, industrial activities, local community and individual life. However, the public are not interested in or do not understand enough aboutthese matters, even though they have to recognize energy issues and the huge demands and supplies that will present problems in the future. The public are not in favor of nuclear energy and development very much, which generates approximately 30% of the total electricity supply in Japan. There are some people who are emotionally unfavorable to nuclear power and, especially, women follow this tendency.

Correct knowledge and information must be disseminated to the public, especially to women who form one half of the population and to the young generation who will support the future, so that they can choose adequate energy sources by themselves. It is also important that information should be made familiar to them for easy understanding and comprehension.

WEN, through its activity, aims at achieving a harmonized society of energy development and coexistence by removing the anxieties of science and technology such as nuclear energy through talks and mutual understanding with the public about energy issues.

(Prepared in March, 1993)