Expectation to WENfs activity
Keiko Onishi
President of WEN
Advisor Specialist for Consumers' Affairs

Womenfs Energy Network (WEN) was established in March, 1993. The environment surrounding energy issues have been changing in different ways with the times. WEN has continuously and actively engaged in their work as a gpipelineh between experts in energy field and the public. The activities can be roughly classified into two categories. The first is to enhance their knowledge and experience, through information exchange between the members and voluntary study meetings. The second is to serve as a gpipelineh, by providing interactive communication for experts and the public, as many opportunities as possible.


In 1998, WEN started project activities, in which members can freely participate with their own interest, and work on them more deeply. Based on the outcome of the project, WEN has made booklets for public relations, presented papers at academic conferences, participated in thegOpen School for Atomic Energyh , and held forums all over Japan.

Due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident caused by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake, March 11, 2011, situation in energy policy has been changing drastically. I expect that WEN members stand all the more in a neutral point of view and act voluntarily, democratically and aggressively, so that the public, especially women, the elderly, and future generations get interested in energy and natural resources issues and think together for themselves.